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Bunny Eisele is a successful entrepreneur on a mission to help small businesses. She loves to offer clean up bookkeeping and catch up bookkeeping services. Bunny has a passion for small business bookkeeping and loves to help others succeed.

Clean Up Bookkeeping Founder, Bunny Eisele

NASCAR, Smirnoff Vodka, and Three Governors.

These were just a few of my clients back in the late 80’s. That particular business was one that I started right at my kitchen table. It soon grew to five full-time employees working under my leadership. I am no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship or the responsibilities of working with high level clients.


Throughout my career, I have successfully managed medical facilities, gracefully handled the complicated finances of a construction company, as well as various other positions. I know business structures of all types - and I know accounting.


I understand the struggles that you likely face with the stress of owning and managing a business. It can be easy to let bookkeeping fall through the cracks.  My experiences in management mean that I also understand the importance of maintaining an organized bookkeeping and accounting system.


I have successfully helped hundreds of clients to find order in their chaos of accounting records. Bundles of receipts and stacks of back-dated bank statements don’t scare me. With decades of experience in the business world and working exclusively with bookkeeping clients since 2016, I know that I can help you as well.


Think your books are just too chaotic to fix? In my spare time, I have proudly founded and managed a rescue operation for Australian cattle dogs. This has, by far, been the most difficult and rewarding task that I have ever completed. Messy accounting books are a piece of cake for me.

I’m ready and waiting to juggle your debits and credits and get you back on track. I can help you get back to the clean reporting information that you need to properly manage and expand your business. Drop me a message and let’s get started!

Bunny Eisele

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